Thursday, October 25, 2012


A few days before I started translating my children's poetry in hindi to English with a view to make its reach wider among English speaking kids. This is yet another such poem, which hopefully should entertain the  tiny-tot readers including those who are adults, wherever they are. The original Hindi text is also given alongside: 

A Funny Dream 
-Ramesh Tailang

Hey buddy, last night 
I had a funny dream.

I saw, I grew up 
with a long beard 
on my creamy face,
and my grandpa 
got two fresh new teeth
in his toothless mouth.

I saw, all working days 
in our schools 
have turned into holidays 
For the first time
a week came to me with
seven Sundays.

I saw, an official order
has been issued 
directing adults 
to obey their children 
from now on wards.

I know, it was just a dream
but how funny it was. 

सपने की बात

सुनो, सुनो सपने की बात.

मैंने देखा- मेरे मुंह पर
लंबी-सी दाढी उग आई
दादा जी के मुंह में निकले
दो छोटे दुद्धू के दांत.

मैंने देखा, स्कूलों में 
छुट्टी ही छुट्टी है हर दिन.
पहली  बार हुआ जब
हफ्ते में आए हैं संडे सात.

मैंने देखा सरकारी आदेश हुआ है
अब से बूढ़े-बड़े  सभी
मानेंगे बस बच्चों की बात.

सुनो, सुनो सपने की बात.

Photo credit: Google-thedreamzone dot com

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