Saturday, October 20, 2012

रात हो गई ......The Night has fallen..

There is a book of my children's poetry in Hindi titled -Mere Priya Baal Geet'. One of its compositions is excerpted here which, one may say, is a new format of lullaby. The original in Hindi and its english version as done by me me is als
o given underneath. I would be grateful if somebody gives a finishing touch to the English version, wherever needed. Now the excerpts:

रात हो गई

-रमेश तैलंग 

रात हो गई तू भी सो जा,
मेरे साथ किताब मेरी.

बिछा दिया है बिस्तर तेरा
बस्ते के अंदर देखो,
लगा दिया है कलर बॉक्स का 
तकिया भी सुंदर देखो,
मुँहफुल्ली, अब तो चुप हो जा
मेरे साथ किताब मेरी.

सुबह-सुबह फिर जल्दी-जल्दी 
जगना है हम दोनों को,
भागमभागी में स्कूल
निकलना है हम दोनों को
फड-फड़ न कर, अब चुप हो जा 
मेरे साथ किताब मेरी.

Oh, my lovely little book 

The night has fallen,
now with me
you get to sleep
oh, my lovely little book.

I have made your bed
in my school bag
and have put my colourbox
like a pillow underneath
now ,be happy and show me
a sweet smile on your face,
oh, my lovely little book.

Don't you know,
we both have to be ready
early morning for school
and do our jobs all in hurry,
keeping our mind any how cool,
now, don't be crazy
be silent and get to sleep
oh, my lovely little book. 

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