Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pt. Shreedhar Pathak and his memorable children's poem: 'Baba aaj del chhe aaye'

Pandit Shreedhar Pathak is one of the Most respected and versatile Hindi poets in 19th century who wrote a number of memorable poems for children. 
'Baba aaj del chhe aaye' is one of his most popular Hindi poem and I am happy to present its English version here, along with the original text in Hindi,  which, hopefully,  would give it a wider reach among the English kids who love poetry.  
(This is purely a non-commercial and non-profit attempt on my part and I am sure that the respective copy-right holder of this composition will take this attempt of mine  in the same perspective.)

बाबा आज देल छे आए 

बाबा आज देल छे आए,
चिज्जी-पिज्जी कुछ न लाए!
बाबा क्यों नहीं चिज्जी लाए, 
इतनी देली छे क्यों आए?
कां है मेला बाला खिलौना,
कलाकंद, लद्दू का दोना, 
चूं-चूं करने वाली चिलिया
चींचीं करने वाली गुलिया.
चावल खाने वाली कहिया,
चुनिया, मुनिया, मुन्ना भैया 
मेला मुन्ना, मेली गैया,
कां मेले मुन्ना का गैया 
बाबा तुम औ कां से आए
आं..आं.. चिज्जी क्यों न लाए?

Grandpa came very late today

Grandpa came very late today,
And didn't bring anything for me.; he doesn't love me,  
Why he came very late today?

Where are my big lovely dolls?
Where are  my crispy sweet balls?
Chirping bird and baby queen,
Female mouse eating rice,bean.

My toy-baby,  my toy-cow,
I don't find any of them now.
Where is my toy baby's mother?
Where are my cake, bread & butter?

Grandpa, where from you have come?
Tell me, tell me, don't keep mum.

Adapted in English by -Ramesh Tailang 

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